Becak rides to get around Pekalongan

[:en]Becak rides to get around Pekalongan[:id]Naik becak keliling kota

Since I started working as a Resident Manager in The Sidji Hotel, many people asked me, what is there to do in Pekalongan? Here are my favorite things to do in Pekalongan.

Going on a 'becak' (trishaw) ride around the city is very interesting to do because the rider will be more than willing to bring you around for a culinary experience. What is more fun is we know that 'becak' is an environmentally friendly transport alternative. My favourite food is "Lontong Opor Ibu Emah" at tha alun-alun which is the city center.

Then of course Pekalongan is famous for its batik, you can also ask the 'becak' rider to send you to Batik Boutiques for some batik shopping experience.

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