Soto Tauto - Pekalongan signature dish

[:en]Soto Tauto - Pekalongan signature dish[:id]Soto Tauto - itulah makanan khas Pekalongan

Since I stay in Pekalongan, I came across a soup dish, called Soto (soup) Tauto.

Soto Tauto, that is Pekalongan signature dish that you can find all around the town, even outside the town. Soto Tauto consists of vermicelli noddle and fermented soy bean in the form of fried chilli with cubed buffalo meat or beef. The soup that is usually eaten with either steamed rice or rice cake is a must-try when you visit Pekalongan. 

Enjoy this delicious Soto Tauto of Pekalongan. 

My favourite Soto Tauto places are: Soto Tauto Bang Dul, Jl. Dr. Sutomo Pekalongan (depan asrama brimob), dan Soto Tauto H. Rochmani, Jl. Kurinci no.40 Pekalongan.

Original article is in Indonesian.



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