About The Sidji

Perched in the center of ‘Batik Town’ of Pekalongan, The Sidji Hotel sweeps you back to the old-world charm of this coastal town in the 1920s.

The boutique hotel embraces the antiquity of Hoo’s clan house—the 4th generation family of Peranakan in Pekalongan. The exquisite façade of the 90-year-old house is now equipped with modern amenities; seamlessly designed to blend with the town’s true spirit.

The Sidji Hotel is a new addition to Pekalongan, a lively town along The Pesisir—the coastal area in Central Java. In the 12th century, it was a major maritime hub for merchants plying the trade winds from the Middle East, India, and China. The influence and legacy of these three ancient cultures have made Pekalongan strived as a multicultural town it is today.

Whether you’re on a business trip, visiting families and friends, or thinking of enjoying a vacation, The Sidji Hotel offers a variety of room types to suit your needs. The hotel is conveniently located within a 5-minute walk to alun-alun (town centre), batik villages, Hypermart in Plaza Pekalongan shopping centre, and some national banks.

Only 4.5-hour train-ride from Jakarta, Pekalongan offers many interesting activities for your weekend getaway. This includes indigo batik workshop, heritage walk, antique batik and becak tour, a visit to the tea/coffee plantations and the waterfalls, and of course, not to be missed: a never-ending culinary feast!

Culture & Hospitality

The Sidji is pleased to offer our guests an experience of staying in a quaint Peranakan family house in Pekalongan. Likewise, in The Sidji, we’d like to treat you as if you’re distant relatives or family members, visiting.

Our staff—your ‘new family’ in The Sidji—are locals; so feel free to ask them advice or tips on where to find the best bargain for batik in town, or which local food stalls serve the most delicious delicacies. Some of us might appear to be a bit shy, but rest assured that we are naturally friendly. We are always keen to help making your stay comfortable and memorable.

The Guests

Our guests visited Pekalongan for a variety of reasons: business trip, research, family visit & vacation, batik workshops, culinary experience, adventure, and many more. Most of our guests in The Sidji are interested in experiencing the feel of staying in a Peranakan family’s quaint old house; while leisurely exploring the historical and cultural quirks of this coastal town.

The Sidji Hotel

The Sidji Hotel is located in the heart of Pekalongan, Dr. Cipto street. It is conveniently located with only a 5-minute walks to the Alun Alun, the town centre, batik villages, the Hypermart in Plaza Pekalongan shopping centre and national banks. Take around Pekalongan city with Becak that you can get in front of our hotel.

By Train
By Air
By Car

The railway that connects Pekalongan from Semarang operates 14 times daily; while the line from Jakarta to Pekalongan operated 7 times daily. Alternatively, you can take the train from Jogjakarta, Surabaya, or Bandung. Please check Kereta Api Indonesia website to book.

The nearest airport from Pekalongan is Achmad Yani International Airport, located in Semarang. The airport has daily flights from Jakarta, Denpasar and Singapore, operated by Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, AirAsia and Lion Air, linking to and from many other international routes. Visit their websites to book.

From Semarang, you need to rent a car or take the local train to Pekalongan. The distance between two cities is around 100 km. Train service operates 14 times daily from Semarang to Pekalongan Station, please check Kereta Api Indonesia website to book.

Road trip to Pekalongan takes around 7 hours from Jakarta. The other route is from Semarang, which takes about two hours. Alternatively, road trip from Yogyakarta is pretty exciting with paddy fields and mountains scenery along the way.